«Each capital has its elegant beach, even those far from the sea. These seasides are a bit like  ‘their mirror, Arcadia’s attempts enclosing a yearning for the ideal city, backyards that reveal what the facades hide. So, for example, while Paris has Le Touquet Paris-Plage, Rome has Fregene. »

(Diego Marani)

Sunset in Fregene, beach of Rome

The Territory

Pura Vida is located in the heart of the small town of Fregene (Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea) in a picturesque landscape between the blue sea and the greenery of the Mediterranean bush that create contrasts and breathtaking scenery. Strategically located between Rome and the international airport of Fiumicino it allows to easily reach evocative places embedded in  nature, history and culture.

Pinewood in Fregene, beach of Rome

The cuisine

The cuisine, though keeping to the local tradition, is creative and renowned for its fresh fish dishes (including bass, bream, sardines, anchovies and octopus), for its shellfish recipes (mussels, clams, cockles) and for its variety of local wines.

Seafood in Fregene

The beach of Fregene


“PURA VIDA”means “Pure Life”, that is life in its essence. An authentic life, the escape from the city its traffic and  pollution and from  responsibility. In few words:  a carefree life, , a life lived to its fullest. Pura Vida is a philosophy of life: living in touch with nature and its beauty. Beauty that we often overlook.

PURA VIDA is also a way to say “Ciao”, “hello”, “goodbye and good luck”. Pura Vida is simply: joy of living.